Howdy, and welcome to my humble website. I work as a writer, editor, and graphic designer in San Diego. My first book, The Moonflower Kingwas published by Calypso Editions in 2012, and my short fiction has been published in various magazines and anthologies such as Thieves Jargon, The Coffee Shop Chronicles, and A Year in Ink, Volume 5, published by San Diego Writer’s, Ink.


Currently I am working on a steampunk, high-adventure fantasy series set during the Civil War. In space. For young adults. I occasionally post chapters up over at my Space Whale blog just so I can prove friends and family that I really am scribbling away when locked in my writing dungeon for days on end. 


In my spare time, I moonlight as a book and marketing designer for Golden Ratio Design.


Also, I have a dog. He barks at motorcycles and speaks with a lisp.